What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

A cannabis concentrate is a concentrated mass of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD). These products are also called marijuana extracts, marijuana concentrates, and cannabis extracts.

Concentrated forms of cannabis typically have THC concentrations of 40% to 90%. This makes them significantly more potent than even the strongest strains of marijuana, which usually contain 20% or less of THC. Using a closed-loop system with a solvent like butane, propane, or hexane is the most popular way to extract the concentrate. While preparing extracts poses the risk of fire in unregulated settings due to volatile reactions, carbon dioxide can be used in supercritical fluid extraction to mitigate this risk. It also happens to yield a superior end product.

The refined, almost juicy flavor of concentrates and the enjoyable experience of vaping them have made these products a popular choice among cannabis consumers.

Cannabis Concentrates

About Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts

No two concentrate products are exactly the same. The method of production, including the extraction technique, will determine the final product’s texture, not to mention its other unique characteristics. For the same of simplicity, however, concentrates are generally divided into just two categories: those that used a solvent during extraction (solvent-based) and those that didn’t (non-solvent or solventless). Butane hash oil (BHO), for example, is the most popular solvent-based concentrate. The most popular solventless concentrates, on the other hand, include rosin, ice water hash, and dry sift, or kief.

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates often have names inspired by their texture. They also tend to be labeled with descriptive terms that reference their consistency, rather than their source materials. Here are some of the most common kinds of cannabis concentrates you’ll find at your favorite Boulder dispensary:




Rosin Sap

Honey Oil

Live Resin


Ice Hash










Hash Oil

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Which Concentrate Is Best for Vaping?

Due to its terpenes, budder is the preferred choice for vaping. Because of its lower THC content and higher flavor intensity, budder is ideal for those who enjoy a more subtle effect. When it comes to smoking concentrates, shatter, which often has a purity level of 80%, delivers the most potent effect.

How Can You Tell a Concentrate Is Good Quality?

Every form of concentrate has its own unique features. For example, shatter should look almost glass-like, while crumble typically has a honeycomb effect. Hash oil, on the other hand, should resemble a light maple syrup with a slightly runny consistency. Fortunately, as long as you head to a reputable dispensary, the budtenders should be able to direct you to high-quality concentrates that will yield the effects you’re hoping to achieve.

Are Concentrates and Dabs the Same Thing?

Dabs technically only refer to butane hash oil concentrates, but the phrase is sometimes used informally to refer to concentrates obtained through other means. If you’re unsure what you want, don’t be afraid to speak up! The budtenders at your Boulder dispensary will be more than happy to guide you toward the perfect products for your needs.

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In contrast to the other kinds of concentrates, which almost exclusively contain THC, CBD concentrates have less intense psychotropic effects. If that’s what you’re hoping for, we’ve got you covered. At Magnolia Road, we’re proud to carry all kinds of high-quality CBD concentrates. Regardless of the flavors you’re craving or the effects you want to achieve, we’ve got what you need. Stop by today to stock up!

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Budder, shatter, and hash oil are just a few examples of the cannabis concentrates available at Magnolia Road. Describe your needs to one of our seasoned budtenders, and they will guide you toward the perfect products. We stock almost every variety of cannabis concentrate at our recreational dispensary, and we sell them all for affordable prices that can’t be beat!


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