Boulder Med: (720) 502-4867 | Boulder Rec: (720) 390-7689 | Trinidad: (719) 422-8165


Does Magnolia Road have both a Medical Dispensary and a Recreational Dispensary?
Yes, we have both Medical and Recreational dispensaries at our Boulder location.
Where is Magnolia Road Located?
You can find us in Boulder just off of Arapahoe on 1750 30th Street. If you are in southern Colorado, you can find us at 413 N Commercial St, Trinidad, CO 81082
Where can I find edibles?
Edibles can be found at our Dispensary located in Boulder and Trinidad.
How to place an online order?
To place an order online visit our menu page or call our store directly at 720-712-1970. Once complete you will receive a text when your order is ready for pick up. When picking up your order you will need to provide an I.D.
What’s the difference between THC and CBD?
THC and CBD are both cannabinoids found in the plant. The biggest difference is THC produces psychoactive effects which create the effect of being “high”, while CBD does not.
How is Marijuana used?
Marijuana can be used in a multitude of ways. It can be smoked in rolling papers, tobaccos leaves, and water pipes. Marijuana also comes in many forms as well including; flowers, concentrates, oils, extracts, and edibles.
What are the benefits of Marijuana?
Marijuana can have many benefits. Some of the most common treatments that marijuana may help with are pain relief, appetite, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and depression.