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Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Trinidad, CO



8am – 9:45pm


It should come as no surprise that some of Colorado’s best dispensaries are right here in Trinidad. Our part of the historic Santa Fe Trail has become one of the whole world’s epicenters when it comes to cannabis culture. 

What is Trinidad Colorado known for?

Trinidad, CO is tucked in the Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado. Trinidad is where you visit for outdoor and premier cannabis. Our location specifically,  is located conveniently between Cimino Park and the Purgatoire River, we’re right in the middle of it all! We picked this convenient location so locals and travelers alike could get access to premium cannabi in Trinidad.

Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Trinidad, CO

Here at Magnolia Road, we have experience with adult-use marijuana. People demand the best cannabis they can get, and our commitment to quality is also on full display at our recreational dispensary in Trinidad. You can count on us to keep working with the best growers in the state to ensure that we always have fresh top-shelf cannabis on our Trinidad Colorado dispensary menu. When you’re looking for a new premium strain or a few more nuggets of your classic favorite, you’re likely to find it here.

Cannabis Concentrates in Trinidad

Since Trinidad, Colorado dispensaries have such a highly regarded seat in the cannabis community, it only makes sense that locals and visitors would look for the most refined products. Our cannabis concentrates offer high THC levels, so a little bit can go a very long way. At the same time, we work with the best extractors in the area to source cannabis concentrates that taste great. Check our dispensary menu when you want the most delicious dabs that can also pack a punch.

If you don’t want to invest in a dab rig, you may prefer a convenient cannabis vape pen. Here at Magnolia Road, we know a thing or two about vaping in addition to cannabis. When you visit our recreational dispensary in Trinidad, you’ll also have access to our smoke shop and vape store. We’ll connect you with all the accessories you need.

Edibles in Trinidad, CO

It’s easy to see why everyone seems to love edibles these days. We love the natural taste of cannabis, but it’s still so hard to compete with the newest THC chocolate bar or marijuana gummies. You can get our cannabis edibles in a wide variety of flavors and textures, so choose an option that appeals to your taste buds. We always remind new customers to start low and go slow with edibles, especially since all of these products taste so perfect.

Buy Cannabis Topicals in Trinidad

Those who don’t want to eat, vape, or smoke anything may prefer topicals. These are popular among a wide variety of people in the health and wellness community. THC topicals are great because you can focus them right where you want them.

How to Find Our Recreational Dispensary in Trinidad

Our recreational dispensary in Trinidad is extremely easy to get because we found a location near some of the major roads. Our dispensary is conveniently located right off Interstate 160 or 85 on North Commercial Street. We’re right between Chestnut Street and West Cedar in the heart of Trinidad!

Marijuana Dispensary Trinidad, CO

Here at Magnolia Road Cannabis Co., we take pride in the way we build our selection of premium cannabis flower and other top-shelf products. We have customers who return to us again and again once they see the contents of our cannabis dispensary menu, and we hope you’ll be just as delighted with our selection. Stop by today to see if we’re the best dispensary in Trinidad.